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BC+E Engineering has provided Commissioning and Energy Management services to many clients in the Government sector. Working with various team members, including architects and design-build contractors, BC+E has proven a valuable team member for these projects. BC+E Engineering has worked at multiple Air Force, Army and Naval Bases across the United States and is experienced in following the requirements associated with working with the US Military clients.

BC+E Engineering has also provides services for local and state governments on various projects. Commissioning and energy management services for city and county governments has become a necessary way of containing energy operating costs for government clients. BC+E Engineering is experienced and capable at serving the needs of these clients and their facilities.


The Commercial Building market segment is a broad segment that includes; office, recreation, transportation, data centers, telecommunication facilities, and others. BC+E Engineering has a wide range of experience commissioning and providing energy management services for clients of these facilities.

Commissioning and energy management for commercial office buildings has gained popularity over the years along with the demand for high quality and energy efficient office space. Commissioning these facilities provides the quality assurance necessary that is not obtained through a typical design and construction process.

The construction of recreation facilities has gained grown in recent years. Recreation centers including exercise/workout and natatorium (indoor pool) facilities are being provided for businesses, communities, colleges and military bases across the country. BC+E Engineering has experience commissioning and providing energy management services for these types of facilities. These facilities have unique requirements due to demands from high activity exercise areas and indoor aquatics. Commissioning and managing the energy consumption of these facilities is critical for facility Owners.

With the advance of telecommunications and networking in our world, the construction of additional facilities devoted to managing the computer and networking equipment has increased. The cooling demands and energy consumption of these facilities is greater than nearly all other facilities. Commissioning and energy management for these facilities are services that BC+E commonly provides and is necessary due to the critical operation of these buildings.


BC+E has provided commissioning, retro-commissioning, energy management and LEED Management services to many clients in the Healthcare market segment. Healthcare facilities have requirements that must be considered by the project team and these are verified by the commissioning process. The demands of medical facility occupants are greater than most buildings due to the critical nature of the care provided to patients. Healthcare industry guidelines provide designers excellent resources for the design of medical facilities, but it is up to the contractors and commissioning agent to insure that medical facilities perform to the design and medical industry requirements.

BC+E has provided commissioning for new healthcare facilities as well as retro-commissioning for medical facilities that have not worked properly for years. The commissioning (and retro-Cx) insures the facility provides the proper indoor environment for the delivery of medical services. In addition, medical facilities often have very high energy use due to their HVAC demands and long hours of operation. BC+E is able to help healthcare clients manage this energy consumption, without sacrificing facility operation.


The Education sector including; College & Universities, K-12 Education and Life Skill Career Academies has been a continuous area of expertise for BC+E Engineering.

BC+E has worked for numerous College & University clients throughout the years, providing commissioning for new construction projects as well as retro-commissioning of existing buildings. BC+E has provided energy management and support for these clients, providing energy savings and reducing operating costs. BC+E Engineering is able to work with the project management teams (University Architect & Project Management Departments) as well as the Facilities Management departments that both provide critical roles in the effective development and management of the campus facilities.

The University market includes Science and Laboratory buildings which has been a large part of BC+E Engineering’s service offering for these organizations. Laboratory buildings have complex HVAC systems that must work properly for the researchers utilizing these spaces. Commissioning of these laboratory buildings and systems takes a strong understanding of these systems. BC+E has a broad depth of experience commissioning some of the largest laboratory facilities in Ohio.

The K-12 Education market (elementary schools, high schools) has been a very active market in Ohio for the past decade with the construction of many new school buildings. BC+E Engineering has worked with the Ohio School Facilities Commission (OSFC) directly and as a preferred OSFC Commissioning Services Provider firm. In addition to providing services for OSFC funded projects, BC+E Engineering is well suited to working with local school districts that are self funding projects. These projects normally have tight budgets and schedules. An effective and experienced Commissioning Agent can be the key to achieving a successful project.

A unique segment in the Education Sector is the Career Academy facility. These educational facilities include far more complex building systems and various uses than a typical school facility. BC+E Engineering has worked on many Career & Vocational School buildings throughout the years and is able to support the project team through the challenging process of keeping the project design and construction in line with the demands of the academic curriculum of these facilities.

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